ATTENTION!!  Dance Arts is OPEN today, Tuesday, December 11th!
In order for everyone to enjoy the Christmas parties & pajama week we will hold make-up classes for those missed on Monday at the following times:
Tuesday, Dec. 11th :
4:30 ~ Elem 1 Ballet will combine with Elem 2 Ballet
5:15 ~ Elem 1 Tap will combine with Elem 2 Tap
6:00 ~ Elem 1 Jazz will combine with Elem 2 Jazz
5:15 ~ Middle & High School Clogging
6:45 ~ Elem 2 Clogging
7:30 ~ Adult Clogging
***Parents are still welcome to observe the last 10 minutes of class for any classes that performed at the nursing home this past Saturday.***
Thursday, December 13th
4:30 ~ 4 year old combo will combine with 3 year old combo
Elite Christmas Party will begin at 6:45
Musical Theater makeup will be announced at a later time
Attendance Policies will NOT be in effect during make-up classes

Pictures from our Dance Recital

Quote by:
Kelly Scott

"Dance is important because it is another means of communication and it gives students an outlet of expression.  Dance also gives students self-confidence, even the shyest kids will lift their chin when they dance."