There is a $25 nonrefundable registration fee for all students. If you do not pay your registration fee at the time of registration, your registration will not be submitted.
There is a $80 stage fee per family, due with registration.  This stage fee covers the cost of the recital auditorium rent for rehearsals/recital, backdrops/scenery, props, lighting, audio and recital help. This fee is paid PER FAMILY, if you have one, two or three children you still only pay ONE stage fee. No tickets are sold to the recital, all family and friends are welcome to attend at no charge. If you withdraw from classes or choose not to participate in the recital before March 1st your stage fee will be refunded as long as there is no outstanding balance on your account. *If you do not pay your registration and stage fee ($80) at the time of registration, your space is NOT secured.  *The Tumbling Classes will not participate in the Recital, therefore, no stage fees for Families with students only taking Tumbling.

Stage Fee

  Monthly Class Tuition:
1 Class…….. $50
2 Classes……$85
3 Classes…..$105
4 Classes…..$125
5 Classes…..$145
6 Classes…..$165
7 Classes…..$185
8 Classes…..$205
9 Classes…..$225
Monthly tuitions are due on the 1st of the month. A grace period of 9 days is given before a late fee of $25 is charged to the account. Any payment not received by the 10th is subject to the late fee, no exceptions. Tuition payments are not discounted for holidays, missed classes or if the studio is closed for inclement weather. Payments may be mailed if postmarked by the 10th of the month, paid in person at the studio or by phone when the studio is open, or paid online.
FAMILIES: Please note that to determine your family tuition you must add the # of classes each INDIVIDUAL student is taking and then subtract your family discount. For example: 1 child taking 2 classes, 1 child taking three classes: $85 + 100 - 8(family discount) = $172. It is not the cost of 5 classes, it is the cost of 2 classes, plus the cost of 3 classes, minus the family discount.
Family Discount:
The family discount applies only to the monthly tuition. The discount for
2 students per family is $8/month, 3 students per family $12/month.
Withdrawing from Class:
Dropping a class must be expressed in writing to Dance Arts of Rocky Mount, Inc. by the 1st of the month your student will be withdrawing. If written notice is not given by that time then the student is responsible for that month’s tuition and any consecutive month where classes are not attended until written notice is received. 
If a student drops a class by November 1st then the costume fee will be
refunded. If a student drops after this date then they are responsible
for the balance of their costume fee. If a student drops by March 1st
the stage fee will be refunded as long as there is no outstanding
balance on the account. Registration fees are nonrefundable.

Technique & Tumbling are now priced as regular classes and are eligible to recieve the  appropiate discounts.


All costumes are $70 each. Students will have one costume per class. Tights
are included for students through the 5th grade.  Students in the 6th -
12th grades are required to purchase their tights for $15 through the
studio.  *There are no costume fees for the Tumbling Classes.
We now offer three costume fee payment plans:
Plan A: The same plan we have been using for years, you pay 2 equal amounts in October and in November.  You will divide you total costume fee in half and add it to your October and November tuition. For example, your child is enrolled in 2 classes that require a costume.   Your total costume fee is $140, you will divide this by 2 and add $70 to your tuition for October and November ONLY.  Therefore your monthly payment for October and November ONLY should be $150.  If you are enrolled in Plan A, your costumes MUST be paid in FULL for your costumes to be ordered by November 15.
Plan B: You will add $9 per class to your monthly tuition.  For example, your child is enrolled in 2 classes that require a costume.  Your monthly tuition is $80, you will add $18 a month to your tuition.  Therefore your monthly payment should be $98.  *Your total payments for a costume on this plan will be $81 verses $70 on the other plans.  **You must have more than one costume to choose this plan.

Plan C: You pay the total costume fee by September 10th.

Costume Fee