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About Us

Dance Arts is a place where kids can dream!  They can dream of dancing until their heart's content or of their future professional career.  We are a safe environment for our dancers to explore their creativity and love of movement.  We provide a positive, patient atmosphere in which they can develop strength, coordination, and grace through dance/tumbling.  Dance Arts is a non-competitive, nurturing studio that caters to the recreational, as well as the aspiring professional dancer.  As a Christian-based studio, we always choose age-appropriate songs, costumes, and movements.  


Offering classes for children and adults of all ages and ability levels, we strive to bring you the best dance and tumble instruction in the area.  It is the belief of Dance Arts that every individual who loves this art form should feel welcome and free to express their love for dance, regardless of their ability level.  It is our goal at Dance Arts to build self-confident, strong dancers that will carry the life lessons learned through dance into their everyday life.  What is learned at Dance Arts is more than just dance or tumbling, it is characteristics that will prove invaluable for a lifetime.


Please join us in May, for our annual recital, held at the Dunn Center for the Performing Arts.  Admission is free of charge. 

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