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Calendar of Events & Holidays

2022-2023                                                                                                                                                          Dance Year

August 10th ~ Stage Fee Due

September 1st ~ Monthly Payment # 1, including first 1/2 of costume fee

September 5th ~ Closed for Labor Day


September 6th ~ First Day of Class


October 1st ~ Monthly payment #2, including remaining ½ of costume fee


October 24th ~ 27th  ~ Dress Up Week (wear your favorite costume to class)


November 1st ~ Monthly payment #3


November 21st – 25th ~ Closed for Thanksgiving


November 1st – December 1st ~ Toy Drive


December 1st ~ Monthly payment #4

December 10th ~ Nursing Home Performance


December 19th – January 6th ~ Closed for Christmas Holiday


January 1st ~ Monthly payment #5


January 9th ~ Classes Resume

January 13th-15th ~ Dance Revolution

February 1st ~ Monthly payment #6


March 1st ~ Monthly payment #7


April 1st ~ Monthly payment #8


April 10th – 14th ~ Closed for Spring Break


May 1st - Monthly payment #9 (Final Payment)

~must be paid by May 9th to participate in Dress Rehearsal & Recital


May 8th – 11th ~ Class & Dress Rehearsals at the Dunn Center

~Dress Rehearsals are mandatory in order to participate in Recital~


May 12th & 13th ~ Recitals at the Dunn Center @ 6pm

**Dance Arts will NOT be closed for NCPS teacher workdays unless they fall within the holidays listed above.

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